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      The story tells that for more than twenty years, the Dragon traveled around the world, flying above the oceans to reach each and every continent. He glided

  over the windy plains of America, dove into the turquoise lagoons

       of New-Caledonia, ignited the eternal fires on the ghats of

 the Ganges, and bathed in the red earth of the African savanas.

Wherever he went , he                 collected  the treasures of the world,

from oriental rugs to                    Indian silks,  from Dogon masks

 to wild flowers seeds                    from Tasmania.

    But it was in Asia                          that his heart succombed, overtaken by the fragance of the spices, overwhelmed by the astounding beauty.


                         Today, it's in the heart of the                                  Mediterranean hillside

  that we've built his temple and set down his                                     treasures. And every

evening, as the sun goes down behind the mountain, we light his red lanterns to once again share with you his dreams in The Nest of The Red Dragon.


                                                                                        Thomas and Liam 













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